Blackbox C6Pc70S-Yl-07, Cat6 250-Mhz Cable Sc/ftp

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BlackBox, C6PC70S-YL-07, GigaTrue® 3 CAT6 250-MHz Lockable, Shielded, Stranded, Backbone PVC Cable (Sc/FTP) Features: LockPORT™ technology boots provide inexpensive security-without having to buy new cables

Best of all, because these cables cost the same as regular patch cords, you get convenient, rock-solid security on a budget

GigaTrue 3 cables are one of the simplest and most inexpensive yet most effective ways you can increase your Layer 1 security

Guaranteed for life! Features four individually shielded twisted pairs with foam insulation and foil tape and an overall tinned copper braid for superior high-speed transmissions, particularly in noisy environments

Just slip an optional Locking Pin into the tab on the patented LockPORT trade boot

Keep a bag on hand so you rsquo re ready when you need to lock down network ports

Lock boots to prevent accidental disconnects, particularly in factories, industrial settings, mining, even aerospace applications

Lock it or not the choice is yours

No one is going to break this boot or pull out your cable! The cable is integrated into the extremely rugged, hard-polymer shell to protect it and to prevent tampering

Prevent accidental disconnects

Rugged, patented boot

Supports 1000BASE-T and broadband video

The Locking Pin sold separately comes in convenient packs of 10 and 25

The Removal Key sold separately is constructed of the same hard-polymer as the boot

The boot's snag-free, slim, high-density form fits all standard RJ-45 openings

The lock and key

Then, when you need to secure network ports, you can

These cables are ideal for preventing accidental disconnects, particularly in mission-critical, industrial, and manufacturing applications

These cables work with GigaTrue 3 Locking Pins Removal Tool GigaTrue CAT6 Patch Panels CAT6 Shielded Patch Panel CAT6 Shielded Jack GigaTrue2 CAT6 Jacks GigaStation2 Wallplates GigaStation2 Surface-Mount Housings

These one-of-a-kind cables give you the ability to lock down critical network ports-when you need to-without buying new patch cords

To unplug the cable, release with the Removal Key sold separately

Turn ports into a Layer 1 security key

Use in for noisy data centers, manufacturing, and other industrial settings

Use them to protect mission-critical and publicly accessible network ports from unauthorized access and tampering, especially in government offices, conference rooms, lobbies, hotels, airports, event centers, and more

Use these cables for your everyday network connections

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