Axis T8646 Poe+ Over Coax Blade Kit

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Reuse Coax cables and benefit from PoE+ Fits Axis encoder chassis for low installation costs Cost-effective power supply - two options available Compact, high-density solution If you are using Axis video encoder blades with any Axis video encoder chassis in your current surveillance system, AXIS T8646 PoE+ over Coax Blade Kits are the most efficient way to migrate to a network video solution - and keep your Coax cabling

And you can connect to a backup power source for extra reliability

Or, use AXIS T8082 PS57 Chassis 2KW 1U for even bigger installations

So the total possible effect is 4K with built-in redundancy. /p

A compact - and powerful - solution The Axis chassis acts as a network switch, so you won 39 39 t have to purchase and install separate switches

And you can integrate Power over Ethernet over Coax for efficient power management

And you can use any combination of encoder blades and PoE over Coax blades, so you can migrate to IP at your own pace.Let your Coax cables do double-duty AXIS T8646 PoE over Coax Blade Kit lets you reuse hard-to-replace or long-range Coax cabling when you replace your analog cameras with Axis network cameras

Each AXIS T8646 PoE over Coax Blade Kit comes with one AXIS T8646 PoE over Coax Blade and six AXIS T8642 PoE over Coax Devices for six cameras

Installation costs are low because there 39 39 s no need to purchase new chassis

It consists of a power supply chassis that comes with two 1 KW power supply modules and has extra slots for two more 1K power supply modules

Range distances depend on the power required and the type of cable quality

Simply connect AXIS T8646 PoE over Coax Blades to your choice of two Axis rack-mounted, power supply solutions AXIS T8085 or AXIS T8082 , for a compact, and cost-effective modular installation

You already own the chassis The six-channel blade kit can be used with any Axis video encoder chassis or an AXIS 291 1U Video Server Rack

You can simply pull out encoder blades that are no longer needed and replace them with AXIS T8646 PoE over Coax Blades

You can, for example, run up to 36 cameras using one 500-watt AXIS T8085 PS57 500W 1U power source

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